Box Culverts

Box Culverts are a vital part of infrastructure. People never notice them unless they’ve failed. When you contract with M.E. Collins we’ll make sure the project gets done right so no one ever notices it. Here are some of our recent culvert projects.

Falls City NW Box Culvert – Richardson County, NE

Burchard South Box Culvert – Pawnee County, NE

Mahoney South Box Culvert – Cass County, NE

Crete NW Box Culvert – Saline County, NE

P Street Box Culvert – Auburn, NE

Sterling Ridge Box Culvert – Omaha, NE

York County Box Culvert – York County, NE

Ithaca Box Culvert – Saunders County, NE

Ashland Box Culvert – Saunders County, NE

Stanton NE Box Culvert – Stanton County, NE

Blair West Box Culvert – Washington County, NE

Jackson St. Box Culvert – Blair, NE